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Our primary goal at IPT is to provide clients with the best service(s) possible while also ensuring the safety of our clients and employees. We accomplish this through a number of investments in our facility’s ventilation and indoor air quality systems; and by following protocols all IPT employees and clients must follow and are listed below:

IPT has invested in its ventilation and air filtration system to ensure a constant dilution and exchange of fresh air into our facility. We have also invested in a Synexis biodefense system (the Sphere-looking device mounted on the wall in the gym). This biodefense system provides a safe and continuous flow of dry hydrogen peroxide – which is highly effective in attacking and neutralizing microbes such as viruses (including the Covid-19 virus), bacteria, mold, insects, and odors in the air, on and underneath surfaces. Dry Hydrogen Peroxide (DHP), is made from naturally occurring elements already in the air. DHP is designed to safely and effectively break down pathogens by flowing allowing DHP to freely and continuously circulate
through indoor spaces to reduce the presence of microbes in the air and on surfaces, with no reliance on the exchange of air. Since all microbes require water from the environment to live, they naturally attach themselves to our DHP molecule (which is similar in structure to water) for survival. Once it’s attached, DHP breaks down the microbe’s outer cell membrane leading to its destruction. In short, Covid-19 is not welcomed at IPT! For more information on the validity and safety of this product, please visit:

We understand that these protocols can at times be inconvenient and sometimes uncomfortable in a gym setting. However, it is important to all of us here at IPT that we maintain a strong health and safety discipline so that we can do our part to ensure that Covid cases and deaths are being mitigated to the greatest extent possible.

1. All clients and trainers must wear a mask during a training session. If you do not have a mask, we will provide one for you. You may not enter the gym unless you wear a mask.

2. All clients and trainers should practice maintaining a distance of 6 feet.

3. At no point will group training sessions exceed more than 5 people.

4. All equipment will be cleaned and sanitized by the trainer before and after the session

5. If any difficulties occur such as lack of inhalation due to mask wearing, please step outside of the gym and pull down your mask as needed. Once you feel comfortable you may come back into the gym and continue your session.

6. Per CDC guidelines, if a client or trainer is in close contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19, the session will be cancelled and rescheduled pending a negative result from the test.

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